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Safehaven Boer Goats

Safehaven Boer GoatsSafehaven Boer GoatsSafehaven Boer Goats

Specializing in producing quality colored Boer goats.  

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Safehaven Boer Goats is located on 42 acres in central Georgia and operated by Ken and Nicole Sanders.  I (Ken) have had goats since 1992 and have always loved Boer goats.  In 2015, we decided to increase the quality and quantity of our herd, focus on fullblood registered stock, build on our farm's infrastructure, and really contribute in a positive way to the Boer goat industry.  We currently have a KMBG1 Outcast *ENNOBLED* son (2CCB JLT1 Cast N Stone, High Selling Buck at 2019 Georgia Peach Production Sale) and a 3LF Stargate *ENNOBLED* son (2JW Stargate's Boom Boom Pow, High Selling Buck at 2018 Splash of Color Sale) as our herd sires and are surrounding them with more and more quality fullblood does (currently 30).  We also have many kids on the ground sired by our reference sires, a TDGB Call of Duty son and a Lazy S-T Coppertox son.  Both Nicole and I really love colored goats, so our real passion is to produce the best colored fullblood Boer goats possible that meet the highest ABGA breed standards.  Our focus now is to produce size and conformity along with color.  We have colored and dappled boer goats for sale and boer goats for sale in Georgia.

Recent News!

We partnered with Tucker West at Liberty Farms on a June 2019 flush and now have 21 new flush kids on the ground from four amazing crosses!

Between Feb 2018 - Jan 2020, we have tested over 60 goats for CL, CAE, and Johne’s disease.  All results were NEGATIVE!  We will continue to test more goats to ensure buyers we have a clean herd.

Home of two High Selling Bucks from 2018/2019 sales!


We have a CL, CAE, and Johne's disease free herd!


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Safehaven Boer Goats

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